At Kaceli Dental Aesthetics, our dentists and team use their experience with cutting-edge cosmetic and dental lasers, as well as their eye for aesthetics, to offer state-of-the-art hair loss treatment using Alma lasers. With the Alma TED™ system in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, Dr. Monika Kaceli and Dr. Monique Mabry can help improve hair texture, increase hair growth and decrease shedding.

The American Hair Loss Association has reported that more than 80 million men and women in the US are concerned about their experiences with hair loss. Alma TED is an ultrasound-based device designed to help alleviate these concerns. With Impact Delivery™ technology, this treatment provides individuals wanting to address their particular hair loss difficulties with a noninvasive, nontraumatic hair therapy alternative. Alma TED is comfortable and does not cause any scalp trauma, unlike other in-office treatments.

During your treatment, you can expect a quick visit with no need for topical anesthetic and no post-treatment shedding. The TED hair formula, which supports the health of your hair, scalp and follicles, is delivered using the power of air pressure and sound waves into the deep layers of your skin for absorption. Less shedding has been seen by patients as soon as two weeks following their treatment.

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